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What can I do on the Gas South Mobile App?

The Gas South mobile app is easysecure and gives you full functionality to manage your natural gas account. 


Set Up Fingerprint and Face ID

Conveniently access your Gas South account with Face ID and fingerprint recognition technology. 

Make Payment

View your current balance or make a payment online.

Manage Account

Adjust account settings and set alert notifications for when your bill is ready or payment is received. Easily enroll in Auto-Pay, so you’ll never have to worry about missing a payment. Conveniently start, stop or move your service with the touch of a button.

Renew Plan

Renew your current plan with the touch of a button.

Track Activity

View your natural gas usage and quickly reference your current and previous bills from the last 60 days. 

Access All Accounts

Easily manage more than one account.

Download Now

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