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What do I do if the account owner has passed away?

We are very sorry for your loss and understand that this is a difficult time.

 If you are a spouse or family member of the deceased account holder and you plan on discontinuing service with Gas South, please send a copy of the death certificate to or 1-888-994-5233 (fax) with the Gas South account number or service address and your contact phone number. You may also send an approved alternate form of documentation, such as a notice of death, obituary notice, written statement of death from the coroner or treating physician, record of funeral, or burial permit, in lieu of sending a death certificate.

If you plan continuing service with Gas South and changing the account holder, please call us at 877-472-4932.

If you are an estate executor, please send a copy of the Power of Attorney, Letter of Testamentary, or Letter of Administration to Gas South in addition to the death certificate. After we receive the appropriate legal documentation, you can either disconnect the service or continue service in the estate’s name.

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