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What types of services does Gas South offer to businesses?

Gas South serves a variety of businesses within Georgia including:

Small Business

Small businesses that typically spend less than $1,500 / month on natural gas—like hair salons, offices or retail stores—can select a rate and enroll online.

Multifamily Communities

We simplify property management for multifamily communities or rental homes. Our Continuous Gas Service Program saves you time, energy and money by automatically transferring gas service back to your name when a resident moves out.


As a real estate professional in Georgia, you’re counted on every day to provide value to homebuyers. With Gas South’s Real Estate Partner Program, it’s easier than ever to do just that.

We provide a full range of natural gas services to commercial, industrial, municipal and wholesale customers across the Southeast. 

Mid-Large Business

Large businesses that typically spend more than $1,500 / month on natural gas—like manufacturing or industrial facilities, restaurants, dry cleaners, hotels, governments, school systems or businesses that are managed by a consultant. You can request a quote online or call 1.866.426.2491. 

Compressed Natural Gas

The future points to less reliance on petroleum and more on compressed natural gas (CNG) as a cost-effective, clean transportation fuel — and Gas South is leading the way in the Southeast. We strongly support development of CNG refueling stations and market opportunities throughout Florida and our home state, Georgia, where we already supply more CNG vehicles than our competitors.


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